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Celebrate Mom and Her Magic Everyday

A ferocious protector, loving nurturer, and selfless hard worker, moms are the heart of every home. We are born from their love and grow to be who we are today because of their empowering magic. As we honor all the moms and mother figures around us single parent, sibling, friend, relative, teacher, or father may we show the love they deserve everyday, in our own little ways.
To remind moms that they are our everyday heroes, we rounded up Instant Pot’s cooking functions with the different ways moms bring out the best in us. Read on to celebrate the love of the remarkable moms and mother figures in your lives!
She Does Things Perfectly & Automatically Like a Rice Cooker
A staple in almost every household and culture, rice nourishes and sustains us in the same way the moms in our lives do. With a rice cooker, every piece is just right, neither overcooked nor undercooked each time. Rice gets cooked easily and pairs well with anything.
Growing up, we have experienced our mom’s encompassing love and how she knows what’s best for us. Without question, she puts our needs first before other things and makes sure she finds a way to always give the best to her family.
Help keep her energy up throughout the day with these nourishing and recipes:
She Gently Shapes You Into the Best You Can Be Like a Steamer
Steaming food is one of the healthiest ways to cook food. With steamers, food is kept in a closed vessel with hot steam to retain the best of the food’s vitamins, minerals and flavors. 
Similar to this process, the moms in our lives wrap their love around us and keep us close to nurture our strengths and help us to grow into the best versions of ourselves. 
Simple and tasty, take care of her with these healthy steamed dishes:
She Patiently and Tenderly Cares Like a Slow Cooker
Slow cooking brings out tenderness and tasty flavors from food’s nutrients. This cooking process usually takes time for preparation yet becomes faster and easier with the Instant Pot, which yields the best results. 
Our moms have a special kindness and sensitivity in taking care of us. They bring out the best in us as they comfort and strengthen our spirits to face each of life’s challenges well.
Be as patient as her with these nutritious yet delicious recipes:
She is Active, Hardworking, and Passionate Like a Sauté Function 
Cooking with a little oil on high heat – sautéing is a fast cooking method that typically needs the correct technique and skill. With Instant Pot’s Sauté program, cooking thoroughly is effortless in preserving textures, flavors, and nutrients. 
Similarly, the moms in our lives have a passion burning within as they stay energized, work hard and, by example, empower us to do our best and enjoy what we do.
Let her take a break and boost her spirits as you cook these fun and tasty recipes:
She Protects and Guides You Like a Yogurt Maker
Yogurt is cultured milk that boosts the immune system and improves gut health. With a yogurt maker, big batches are made quickly and easily as you customize flavors according to your preferences. 
Even if we do not understand sometimes, our moms set rules to keep us out of harm’s way,  always trying to keep us from harm. They assure a good foundation for us first then help cultivate our interests as we make decisions on our own. 
Protect her health and guide her just as she always does with these yummy recipes:
She Gives Her Best and Provides for You Well Like a Pressure Cooker
One of the best ways to cook food is pressure cooking. With a pressure cooker, you save up to 70% energy and cook in the least amount of time, while successfully eliminating harmful microorganisms and accentuating all of the food’s nutrients and natural taste. 
Moms do all that they can to provide us with our needs and wants in the best ways they know how to, even under pressure. They tirelessly work hard,  balance priorities, and love relentlessly to make sure that we live a good, healthy, and happy life. There are also times when moms put pressure on us to build and shape us into the best we can be.
Relieve the pressure off her and make things easier in the kitchen with these great recipes:
She Keeps You Warm, Safe, and Ready Like a Warmer
Food warmers keep food at the appropriate temperature, which allows easy preparation of meals ahead of time or ready for serving at a later time. These warmers make food taste better, prevent allergies, and keep it safe until the time you are eating the food.
In the same way, the moms in our lives protect us with the strength and warmth of their love – they also prepare us to face the realities of life and to overcome different challenges on our own.
To each of our moms and mother figures, you are our all-in-one heroes, the ones who can do it all. Thank you for inspiring and showing us that unwavering love is at the heart of every home! 
With Instant Pot, show your full love and support for all the great mother-figures in your life. Nourish their life with delightful and hearty meals as you experience life together – a life made better together, with Instant Pot. 
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!
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