10 Safety Mechanisms

  Safety Mechanisms  

Instant Pot® is designed with 10 Safety Mechanisms to eliminate many common errors which may cause harm or spoil food.  The following Safety Mechanisms are applicable to:  Lux 6-in-1, Duo 6QT 7-in-1,  Duo Plus 9-in-1 and Smart Bluetooth.

  1. Pressure Regulator: Ensures the working pressure is below the safety limit. If the pressure exceeds 105kPa (15.23 psi), the steam release valve will be pushed up to allow the steam being released to bring down the pressure within the cooker.
  2. Anti-Blockage Vent: During cooking, food particles may block the vent. Instant Pot® has designed the anti-blockage vent to prevent food debris from blocking the vent.
  3. Safety Lid Lock: If Instant Pot® is still pressurized, the lid will remain locked to prevent accidentally opening. Do not force the lid open.
  4. Lid Position Detection: Designed with a sensor to monitor the lid position. If the lid is not properly closed Instant Pot® will not activate pressurized cooking.
  5. Automatic Temperature Control: Regulates the temperature based on the program selected to ensure the inner pot remains within a safe temperature range.
  6. Temperature Monitoring: If the Instant Pot® is being operated without water or moisture, pressure will not build. Overheating will be the most likely outcome. Excessive temperature might also build due to the inner pot not in proper contact with the heating element, or, the inner pot having a heat distribution issue (burnt starch on the bottom which is not properly distributing heat). In these instances, the cooker will stop heating when the temperature surpasses its limit to avoid burning food.
  7. Pressure Control: The pressure sensor mechanism maintains the operating pressure always within a safe range (70kPa – 80kPa or 10.12 psi – 11.6 psi).
  8. Electrical Current and Temperature Fuse: Instant Pot® is equipped with a fuse which will cut-off power if the current or internal temperature exceeds safety limits.
  9. Pressure Protection: If the pressure becomes too high and the pressure regulator protection malfunctions, Instant Pot®’s internal protection mechanism will activate, pushing the inner pot downwards to create a gap between the lid and inner pot. Steam will then be released from the gap into the internal chamber and heating will be stopped.
  10. Smart Detection of Leaky Lid: If the lid has leakage (steam release not properly closed, sealing ring missing), Instant Pot® will not reach the preset pressure level. If this continues, there is a risk food will burn. Instant Pot® detects this by measuring the pre-heating time. If the pre-heating time is exceptionally long, the program automatically switches to the ‘Keep Warm’ program to avoid burning.